San Francisco-based jewelry artist Eko Wright’s artistic journey began when she became intrigued by the way a torch and tools can transform a sheet of metal into wearable art. Her style is minimalistic and airy, yet still makes a statement. To her, silver represents the simple, subtle and unobtrusive philosophy of beauty found in Japan, so sterling silver is the perfect medium for translating this into jewelry.

Elements from both the earth and the sky inspire her current designs. Her Botanical Collection highlights rustic organic shapes fabricated by hammer work that creates distinct three-dimensional forms, which are influenced by wabisabi, the imperfect simplicity of nature.

Eko’s Galaxy Collection features geometric shapes suggesting the mystery and infinity of the cosmos.  The open circles also symbolize enlightenment, strength and elegance characterized by the minimalism found in Japanese aesthetics. The hand-set gemstones in her Dreams-Come-True line represent stars with the hope that whoever wears these pieces will see their dreams come true.

Eko’s jewelry honors nature, the material, and the individual. She seeks to project serenity and tranquility in every piece she creates.

Eko’s work has been featured at Museum of Craft and Design and Asian Art Museum gift shops, ACCI and other select galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area.​​


Eko Wright from eko jewelry design